Can You Sell a House With Foundation Issues In Ohio?

Having a house with foundation issues is a homeowner’s nightmare. What’s more, selling it can feel daunting, but it’s not impossible. It presents challenges, but understanding your options and entering the process with a clear plan can lead to a successful sale.

This post covers everything you need to know about selling a house with foundation issues in Ohio.

How Foundation Issues Affect the Value of Your Home

Foundation problems can be a major headache, and they can also significantly reduce the value of your property. Here’s how:

Repairs Can Be Expensive

In Ohio, fixing foundation issues can be costly, depending on the severity of the problem. These costs can range from a few hundreds to tens of thousands.

And guess what? Potential buyers know this. When considering your asking price, they likely factor in the potential repair costs.

Creates Uncertainty and Scares Buyers 

Foundation problems raise red flags for potential buyers. They worry about the house’s stability, future repairs, and potential hidden issues.

This uncertainty can make them hesitant to buy or offer a lower price to account for the risk involved.

Hurts Curb Appeal

Visible cracks in the foundation or uneven floors can be a major turn-off for buyers.

Even if the issue is minor, it can create a negative first impression and make your property less attractive.

Limits Your Pool of Buyers 

Some buyers, especially those with limited budgets or first-time homebuyers, might be unwilling to take on the risk and expense of potential foundation problems. This can shrink the pool of interested buyers, making it harder to sell your home quickly.

Also, lenders in Ohio are usually unwilling to finance buying a house with foundation issues. This is why transactions involving a property with foundation damage may not reach the closing stage.

Signs Your House Might Have Foundation Issues

To determine if your home has foundation issues, inspect the exterior. Stand at a corner and examine the walls for vertical and horizontal straightness.

Use a level to check for any tilts or bumps in the walls. Look for cracks, gaps, or chips in the walls, concrete, bricks, or masonry. Also, inspect for walls pulling away from the house or twisted siding.

While hairline cracks (those less than 1/4-inch) may not be alarming, monitor them for changes and consider sealing them to prevent water damage. Pay special attention to large, horizontal, or L-shaped cracks, which could indicate significant problems.

Indoors, check for signs of structural issues such as:

  • windows and doors that don’t align properly or have cracked glass
  • floors that slope
  • cracks in walls or ceilings
  • gaps between walls and ceilings
  • cracked tiles
  • uneven wooden floors
  • water in the basement or crawl space

What If You Ignore These Signs or Refuse to Declare Them to the Buyer?

Ignoring signs of foundation issues or failing to disclose them to potential buyers is bad practice and illegal in Ohio.

Such actions can lead to severe consequences, such as:

  • legal liabilities 
  • financial loss

This is why telling people about any problems with your home’s foundation is important. If you don’t, it could cause big legal problems. Buyers should know if any foundation issues might make the house less valuable or safe.

Even if you inspected the house yourself, just looking at the house might show only some of the foundation problems. That’s why having a professional check it out is essential.

A structural engineer or foundation expert knows what to look for and has the tools to find other issues you might miss. Getting a professional inspection doesn’t just help buyers feel better; it also gives you, the seller, peace of mind.

So you can sell your house smoothly and avoid problems later on.

Expense Breakdown for Fixing Foundation Issues in Ohio

Repairing foundation issues in your property can be costly, with the average cost of home repairs around $18,000 in Ohio.

The national average for fixing foundation problems is about $4,000, but it can go up to $50,000 in severe cases. For instance, fixing minor cracks may cost around $4,000, while more extensive repairs could reach up to $15,000.

Issues like foundation erosion cost around $1,000 for minor cases and up to $10,000 for severe bowing. The foundation leaks caused by various factors could range from $2,000 for minimal leaking to over $10,000 for severe cases.

Sinking foundation repair might start at $1,000 for minor sinking but could reach $15,000 for significant sinking. If caught early, shifting foundations might require mud jacking, costing around $1,000, but more severe shifting could require supportive piers costing $15,000.

Bowing foundations may require reinforcement, costing between $1,000 and $15,000, depending on the extent of the damage.

Crumbling foundations, caused by various factors, might cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to fix.

If you’re on a tight budget, fixing these issues may be impossible.

How to Sell a House With Foundation Issues in Ohio

If you own a house with foundation issues in Ohio and need to sell your property, here are some options.

Fix and Sell

You can opt to fix the foundation issues before selling your inherited property. But, while fixing the foundation may ease potential buyers’ concerns, it can be costly and time-consuming. In such cases, selling the home as-is is more practical.

Before listing the property, consider having a structural engineer inspect the foundation and provide an estimate for repairs. This allows you to prepare adequately for the expenses involved.

Remember, attempting to conceal issues can lead to distrust and jeopardize the sale. Consulting with a real estate professional can provide valuable insights into the best way to sell your property with foundation issues.

Sell As-Is

If you’re facing hefty repair costs for foundation damage and aren’t able to cover them, your home’s value will likely take a hit. This will create a lower asking price for potential buyers who may need to handle repairs themselves.

Letting the buyer address the issue can save you both time and money. Remember, transparency is key—hiding foundation damage won’t benefit you in the long run. It’s crucial to disclose this information upfront.

Your potential buyers will likely discover any foundation problems during the home inspection. And they won’t appreciate discovering undisclosed issues, potentially leading to complications with the sale.

Consider partnering with a professional cash home buyer in Ohio rather than pursuing a traditional market sale. These companies purchase homes as-is, regardless of any existing problems.

Once they evaluate your property, they’ll give you a cash offer and let you close the deal in your time, even as quickly as seven days if you’re in a rush to move out.

Professional cash home buyers in Ohio will handle all necessary repairs and renovations. This means you won’t have to worry about footing the bill for foundation repairs, and there’s no risk of the deal falling through unexpectedly before closing.

Experienced home buyers are used to dealing with properties in various conditions, including those with foundation issues. So, they’re your best bet.

We Buy Houses As-Is in Ohio, Even With Foundation Problems

Selling a house with foundation issues in Ohio can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. At Grandview Homes, we can buy your house quickly and easily, even if it needs repairs.

We buy houses as-is in Cleveland and surrounding areas, meaning you don’t have to worry about making any repairs before selling. Just contact us today for a fair cash offer on your property.

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