Should You Fix Up Your House or Sell As Is?

So you know you’re ready to sell your home… but how do you go about it? Whether it’s an inheritance or you’ve owned it a while and want to sell, the big question is: should you fix it up or sell your house as is? It’s a decision that many older folks and young inheritors have to grapple with. 

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, here are some compelling reasons why selling your house as is might be the best choice for you.

9 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House As Is!

You might think, “Shouldn’t I fix it up to get the best value?” Well, not necessarily. Here are 9 reasons why you should consider selling your home as is.

1. Avoid Renovation Time and Stress

Selling a house can be a lengthy process, and renovations only add to the timeline. By selling as is, you can avoid the time-consuming task of renovation. This allows you to sell and move on faster.

Renovating a house can be overwhelming — from choosing designs to dealing with contractors. 

Selling as-is spares you stress and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your life.

2. Cost Considerations and Hidden Surprises 

Renovations can quickly become expensive — more than 31% of home renovations exceeded budget in 2020. Houses often come with hidden problems that may not be obvious until renovations begin. These unexpected issues can blow up your budget and prolong the renovation process.

By selling as is, you can avoid the financial burden of renovations and transfer the responsibility of repairs to the buyer. This saves you from potential headaches.

3. Market Fluctuations and Risk 

Real estate markets fluctuate, and investing in renovations doesn’t always guarantee a high return. In fact, some renovations can even have negative returns.

Additionally, the real estate market can change drastically during your renovations. If the current market favors sellers or there is a demand for houses in your area, you can take advantage of the current market conditions by selling as-is. With this, you can secure a competitive price before the market changes to a buyers market

4. Simplify Your Life 

Downsizing and decluttering have gained popularity as lifestyle choices. By selling the house as is, you can simplify your life, reduce maintenance responsibilities, and potentially free up funds for experiences. 

Also, you get to make investments that align with your current priorities.

5. Peace of Mind 

Ultimately, selling your inherited house will give you peace of mind. You can avoid the stress of managing renovations, worrying about costs, or dealing with surprises. Selling as-is allows you to enjoy the relief of not dealing with a property.

6. Relocation or Distance

If you live far away from your inherited house and have no intention of relocating, selling as is saves you from the challenges of overseeing renovations from a distance.

7. Limited Resources or Skills

Renovations require financial resources and specific skill sets. If you lack the necessary funds or expertise to execute renovations, selling as-is can be a practical decision that helps you avoid potentially costly mistakes.

8. Aging Population

For older individuals with a house, selling as-is is a wise choice as it allows you to downsize and move into a more suitable accommodation.

9. Legal or Inheritance Issues

In some cases, inherited properties come with legal or inheritance complications. Multiple inheritors may have a claim on a beloved family home, making it difficult to decide the right course of action. Selling the house as-is can help simplify the process and resolve legal or family disputes more easily.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sell a Home As-Is

Here’s a step-by-step guide to selling a home as-is:

Adjust the List Price Accordingly 

Calculate the estimated cost of repairs and renovations the buyer will need to undertake. Adjust the list price to account for these potential expenses. This will provide a realistic expectation for interested buyers.

Be Prepared for Renegotiation 

Anticipate that substantial repairs may arise during the buyer’s home inspection. Be ready to return to the negotiating table and discuss potential adjustments to the price. This will help you address any concerns that may arise.

Consider Potential Appraisal Challenges 

Understand that the home may appraise for less than the desired or listed price. Be prepared to address this by lowering the price or negotiating with the buyer. 

You can negotiate to bridge the gap between the actual market value (appraised value) and the agreed-upon price.

Clean and Tidy the Home 

Even though you are selling the home as-is, presenting it in the best possible light is important. Clean and tidy up the house before listing it on the market. 

This creates a favorable impression for potential buyers and helps them envision the home’s full potential.

Grandview Homes Can Buy Your House As-Is!

Are you facing the decision of whether to fix up or sell your inherited house? If so, Grandview Homes has the perfect solution for you. We buy houses fast and as-is, so you can sell your home without the hassle of repairs or removing furniture or fittings. 

Whether you’re looking to retire and simplify your life or an inheritor seeking a quick and convenient sale, Grandview Homes is here to help. Don’t stress about renovations or the complexities of the real estate market. 

Choose to sell your house as-is to Grandview Homes and experience a hassle-free and efficient process. Contact us today to take the next step towards selling your house seamlessly.

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